The objects of Fraser Park Sportsville are to be beneficial to the community by:
(a) managing, maintaining, administering and operating for recreation and other leisure-time activity the facilities on Fraser Park on behalf of, and for the benefit, of members of the Society (“Members”) and the wider community;
(b) to arrange and manage the redevelopment of sporting, recreational, family and community facilities in and around Fraser Park:
(c) (i) assisting in and fostering the development and growth of that recreation and other leisure-time activity; and
(ii) improving the conditions of life for the people in the community; and ;
(d) to seek out and obtain funding and other resources and apply such funding and resources for the benefit of Members and the wider community;
(e) to conserve, advance, promote and protect the interests of Members;
(f) to assist in the development and promotion of its Members’ activities, including, but not limited to:
(i) the provision of community, sport and recreational activities to children, youth and adults; and
(ii) the ongoing development and improvement of facilities for its Members’ activities; and
(g) to do all such things and undertake such activities as may be necessary, incidental, or conducive to the advancement of these objects.

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  Incorporated Society
Fraser Park Sportsville Incorporated was incorporated under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 on the 14th of July 2010
Incorporation Number:  2538279
Certificate of Incorporation

Charities Commission 

Fraser Park Sportsville Incorporated was registered as a charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005 on the 7th March 2011
Registration Number:  CC46277
Charities Certificate