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Fraser Park Sportsville H&S Induction
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1. If you notice inappropriate behaviour in or around the facility, including damage to facility property, please advise Fraser Park Sportsville Staff.

2. Smoking or Vaping is not permitted in or around the facility including anywhere on Fraser Park. Please go to the front gate or stop bank if you wish to smoke.

3. Please respect the speed limit and watch for children at all times.

4. Conduct yourself in a safe and proper manner at all times.

5. If you identify any hazards, please advise Fraser Park Sportsville staff. Please advise other people in your group or team of the identified.


6. If you notice any faults or issues in or around the facility, please advise Fraser Park Sportsville Staff.

7. Alcohol is not permitted on the ground level unless a special licence has been issued. This area is not covered by our licence. Alcohol is also not allowed to be taken outside the facility. You cannot bring alcohol into the premises or onto Fraser Park. Any breach of this rule may result in your access card or access to facilities being cancelled.

8. The illegal sale, use or distribution of any illegal substance is strictly forbidden. Any breach of this rule will result in your access card or access to facilities being cancelled immediately.

Any persons believed to be under the influence or distributing illegal substances are subject to:

a. Immediate removal from the facility and/or Fraser Park

b. Termination of access to facilities

c. You may be issued with a Trespass Notice

9. Please note that while practical steps are taken to prevent accidents,  they may occur from time to time. If an incident or accident occurs, please advise Fraser Park Sportsville staff.

10. Other emergencies may occur other than Fire, such as Earthquake, tsunami or Flooding. In the event of one of these emergencies, please make your way to the assembly point at the main gate if possible. If this area is not safe, find the nearest safe point possible and advise others in your team or group.

11. All visitors are expected to maintain access to their own First Aid Supplies. Please contact your club, school or officials for advice on First Aid supplies and location.

12. There is an AED, Automatic Emergency Defibrillator located on the Eastern Fence of the artificial turf. Please familiarise yourself with its location.

13. Do not leave the Sauna on FREE EGRESS. This constitutes a Health & Safety hazard when minors are in the building.

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