Hutt City Council 

  • Setting the City's Vision for Community Infrastructure inclusive of Sport and Recreational Facilities

  • Stakeholders and project investors

  • Established CCO, Chief Compliance Officer to deliver vision

The Leisure Active Division - Hutt City Council, activated the Sportsville Initiative. The Sportsville project now sits across several teams/divisions, but in main is led by the General Manager of Community Services, Matt Reid and Leisure Active Divisional Manager, Marcus Sherwood. At this stage, Parks Division at HCC will continue to be responsible for the management and maintenance of the grounds. 


Fraser Park Sportsville (FPS) is fortunate to have a team of Hutt City Council Officers supporting and working in partnership. 

FPS continue to work closely with these council officers. Council officers have provided great support to FPS staff and have helped FPS to work through the governance and management minefield that a new project like this inevitably has. 

The Hutt City Community Facilities Trust (CFT) is a charitable trust and council controlled organisation, established by Hutt City Council in 2012 to lead the rejuvenation and development of key community and sporting facilities in Lower Hutt.

The CFT’s vision is to develop and maintain world class community facilities that will see our communities thrive, our economy grow and our city become a place where residents are proud to live, work and play.

The development and revitalisation of Fraser Park is a partnership between the Community Facilities Trust, Hutt City Council and Fraser Park Sportsville.