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Wellington Niue Rugby League (WNRL) became an Incorporated Society in May 2021 after current chairman Luka Gibb realized Niue had no juniors participating at the Pacific Nations rugby league tournament in 2020. They changed this and created a pathway through the sport of rugby league for their Fuata to represent their Culture and Na.


2021 was a successful year for WNRL, holding multiple muster days to engage their community. They continued to grow, having approximately 60 children register and identify themselves as Niuean, ranging from 4-17 year old, both male and female. Following on from this WNRL secured their Home at the Ricoh Sports Centre, becoming the first Pasifika sports group to be an official member of the facility.

In to 2022 they gave opportunity to Niuean children to be a part of something special. Something that is theirs and that they belong to. Giving them the opportunity, not only in the sport of rugby league, but also in their culture. Teaching them how to be a part of a team, respect, prayer, songs, how to introduce themselves in the Niuean Language, Takalo and most of all what they think it means to them to be Niuean.   

Visit the club Facebook for more information and current activity at the club. 



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