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Taita District Cricket Club (TDCC) was established in 1933 and since then have won a number of senior championship competitions and seen a number of players play at the highest level. The club won the Premier T20 Championship in the 2014/15 season and won the T20 final in 2017. The club continues to deliver 'have a Go' cricket to local schools to further develop cricket opportunities in the Hutt.

To contact the club for more information follow this link.

The club has a number of core values, these are:

  • Loyalty, Taita for Life

  • Commitment, Bleed for your club

  • Respect, The Spirit of Cricket

  • Excellence, Prepare to win, play to win, expect to win

  • A vision to be the best cricket club in Wellington

Visit the club website for more information and current activity at the club. 



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